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FEMA tells you prepare, FBI labels you a terrorist, SB 1867 puts you in a prison camp







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Pinellas County Manipulation and Deception on TDR.

What came first, Mr. Toomey’s Buliding or the (TDR) Transfer Development Rights requiring a new land use ordinance?

Toomey of Geographic Solutions , a  business and property owner of 4 pieces of land in (OPH )Old Palm Harbor has his business distributed among 6 buildings with 134 employees scattered throughout those buildings.

Originally he got an an approval to build a new building to condense his whole business into one venue. He received a variance needed at the time.But then he changed the plan of the building , he wanted a bigger one which didn’t conform with the requirements to build the larger building on the lot he had. The original  building plan and approval has since expired.

Someone came up with TDR idea to accommodate his new plan for a larger building on a the lot wirhout the required adequate parking. Putting a size 10 foot in a size 7 shoe.  What’s wrong with this picture?

County Commission is considering a  change of the Land Use Master Plan in Historical District of Old Palm Harbor allowing TDRs. Also, the new ordinance would take the citizen’s representation and accountability from the Commission and hand the sign off to the County Administrator !!

The meeting wasn’t about Toomey and his buliding requirements, it was about adding TDR into the Master plan for OPH. The part about Toomey was conveniently left out so the commissioners could not get the full picture because Mr Beardsley, the head of planning dept,, was reluctant to explain why he came up with TDR for the area to begin with. Commissioner Bostock questioned using  TDR because she wasn’t sure the reasoning of why we needed the TDR and why it didn’t conform to the amount of TDR used throughout the rest of the county. She had no idea about the Toomey land plan and his building and she said the citizens knew more about what was going on than she did. She wanted the whole story.

In order accommodate Toomey’s building plan, the County Commission, along with head of planning dept., Beardsley  ( sustainable advocate) would have to use TDR to give the required parking without the physical actuality of parking spaces. He wants to bulid a building for 150 employees with 28 parking spaces in OPH where there is limited parking for the other businnesses that are already operating, but he has 3 other pieces to transfer those Development Rights  to the new building site to accomodate the parking requirement. Don’t forget these parking spaces really don’t exist and the citizens will have devalued property if this TDR is acceptable in OPH.

The buildings in OPH are required by the Master Plan at the most to have 3 floors with the uppermost floor for living quarters. Toomey is asking for all floors to be office space. His building would be 44 feet tall and 19,500 sq.ft . The size is not well coordinated with the existing feel of the town in scale. Other businesses in town have patrons that come and go all day leaving openings for parking throughout the day. Toomey’s employees would be parked for 8 hrs a day , taking the available parking from the open parking available to the public. Some of his workers work nights as well and with pubs and restaurants in the town some of the parking will be taken as well. Toomey’s building will require  waviers  as well because he wants to exceed the 25% TDR limit to 108% to create imaginary parking spaces needed to comply with the parking regulation.

Part of the ordinance changes would  also take authority from the County Commission, who are accountable to the people and hand it over to the County Administrator. If the Administrator and staff so choose, all other decisions about land use in the Historic District of Old Palm Harbor will be in their hands.

PINELLAS COUNTY Commission  drew a large crowd for the meeting on TDR’s , Dec 20.   TDR’s are used in this case to expand a building to it’s max size within the legal prescripts of the county building department.  TDR would remove the development rights for up to 25% on the property while the existing land beyond the  25% of the original structure would no longer be of  value except for use for Public Parking or “open space”.  The development rights are transferred or sold to expand another property for up to 25% leaving 25% less devlopment rights on the existing property.   Once a property has had its rights transferred, it has been devalued. Devalued property affects all surrounding property. Private Property Rights are the sweat equity of a person’s life’s work, their wealth. Historic District Old Palm Harbor does not require TDR.

This is just another step closer to the Smart Growth  Sustainable Development  of Quality Communities as outlined in UN Agenda 21 . Also, the county Administrator, MR LaSala is a ICMA, ICLEI, Sustainable contact for the UN Plan of Global Goverance. He cares not for private property, he considers it unsustainable.

God save our Republic.

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“Sustainable Development” is the UN Agenda 21 “Plan For The 21st Century”

“Sustainable Development” is the UN Agenda 21 “Plan For The 21st Century” by Sid Preskitt

It is the UN plan to manage and control ALL human activity under Marxist/socialist principals.

Re-distribution of wealth is a built in feature of it.

In practicality, it is a direct economic attack on the United States.

In fact, Maurice Strong was the Chair of the 1992 U.N. Earth Summit in Rio where Agenda 21 was introduced. He made the intent clear when he was quoted saying that it was their responsibility to bring about the collapse of the industrialized countries.

It has been incorporated into federal policy with a series of Executive Orders starting with #12982 in 1994 and continuing this year with more creating the Rural and Ocean Council’s.

It is the primary reason that we can’t produce from our vast natural resources whether it be petroleum,coal,timber or natural gas,

It is the reason that the vital Keystone Pipeline project is being opposed.

It is the reason we export almost a trillion dollars annually buying imported oil when we have proven reserves totaling more than all the mid-east countries combined.

It is the reason American’s are exhorted to cut back energy use to a level in the 1990’s further crippling the economy while China and other countries are exempt. All based on a fraudulent premise put forth by the U.N. IPCC.

It is the reason that our seafood production is severely restricted with only limited access allowed to abundant marine resources. It is the reason that some of the most productive areas of the oceans around the coast are being closed off in “Marine Protected Areas”

It is the reason that NOAA Director, Dr. Jane Lubchenco has made implementing the Agenda 21 Catch Share allocation system in every American fishery a top priority, In New England and Florida the results are American fishermen out of work and the Governor of Massachusetts declaring an economic disaster with a request for $21 million in federal aid. Dr. Lubchenco’s response was for $54 million in additional funds to expand the program.

It is a primary reason that we import 84% of our seafood and export almost $11 billion to foreign countries like China and Vietnam in a seafood trade deficit.

It is the reason that our manufactering base has been moved to foreign countries starting with NAFTA which had the goal of “promoting Sustainable Development”.

It is the reason that the Federal,State and local governments have been buying land in an effort to create the “system of protected areas” called for in the un-ratified U.N. Agenda 21 treaty.

The U.S. Senate refused to even vote on the treaty when maps of The Wildlands Project were displayed on the floor of the Senate. The stated goal is “50% of the land in Core Wilderness areas with little or no human use” interconnected with Wildlife Corroidors surrounded with Buffer Zones.

It is the reason that Volusia County, Florida now owns approximatly 40% of the land in the County creating a “Conservation Corridor”.

When you put it all together it is a primary reason for the collapse of the American economy just as U.N. official, Maurice Strong wanted in 1993 when it all started.

Now, what are we going to do about it?



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Pinellas County vote to stop Fluoridation

 Pinellas County vote to stop Fluoridation
David DeCamp’s article about the fluoride workshop the County Commission meeting on Oct 4 was an attack on the Tea Party and name calling! Shame on him. His information was one side of the issue, that of the ADA and “pro fluoride” health professionals. Their info said nothing of the damage to babies or other parts of the body and cumulative damage to the skeleton.
Also present, was a dentist who said fluoride was a neurotoxin and a doctor who said “Do no harm.”
Both were against the fluoride which De Camp did not make mention of in his article. I think it’s pretty pathetic to take such a serious issue and turn it into a political power play as De Camp has done.
Whatever a person may decide about fluoride, it is not the government’s job to put it in our water, especially without the consent of the people.
Mr. Tony Caso never represented himself as a “Tea Party activist”. De Camp said that to inflame and deflect the conversation from health to politics. Whatever the politics, all of us want safe, clean drinking water and nothing more.
In condescension, De Camp mentions, advocacy by dental and medical experts who know what is good for the people. Perhaps they know on a one to one basis, an individual basis, however, what is good for one is not good for all. One size fits all government is not what America is about. It is about the “individual’s right”.

I am grateful to the County Commissioners that voted against the fluoride. They all asked well thought out and amazing questions to which the ADA had few answers and no updated data.
It is too bad that Mr. Welch’s constituents still have fluoride in their water when they never had a referendum on the issue, nor should they have because it is a personal decision not the commissioners . Is that what the people want, advocacy and special interest to make their decisions for them instead of public debate? It seems De Camp would like that, along with Commissioners Welch, Latvala and Seel.

So what does this have to do with Agenda 21?  Well it’s hard to say but I look at it this way. The EPA classifies Fluoride as a “NEURO-TOXIN” .  They , the EPA, don’t care how phosphate plants like Mosaic  ( who donated $2.8 million dollars for Tampa Aquarium) get rid of the chemical as long as it is not dumped into the water or landfill. So that leaves “human” consumption and also helps to depopulate so it is well within the topic of Agenda 21. Now, I ask where is our money that was applied to a budget item for fluoride?

It is up to citizens to rise up against these elected officials. Fluoride is toxic and the ADA gets plenty of money to defend the use of it . If the ADA was so worried about your health issues they would be advocating for the removal of mercury in the mouth but  that’s not going to happen either because the EPA would not let mercury be disposed of either!

Save the earth, social justice for “communities of the earth” that’s the Earth Charter and what the United Nations is all about! UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development

OUR Rights are constantly being challenged.

FLUORIDE It's not the governent's job to medicate us!


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Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death


Give Me Liberty or Give me Death. by Patrick Henry 1775
Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.

No man thinks more highly than I do of the   patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just   addressed the House. But different men often see the same subject in   different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful   to those gentlemen if, entertaining as I do opinions of a character very   opposite to theirs, I shall speak forth my sentiments freely and without   reserve. This is no time for ceremony. The questing before the House is one   of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing   less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the   magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate. It is only in   this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great   responsibility which we hold to God and our country. Should I keep back my   opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider   myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty   toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.

Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge   in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful   truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into   beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle   for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see   not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their   temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am   willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

I have but one lamp by which my feet are   guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of   the future but by the past. And judging by the past, I wish to know what   there has been in the conduct of the British ministry for the last ten years   to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace   themselves and the House. Is it that insidious smile with which our petition   has been lately received? Trust it not, sir; it will prove a snare to your   feet. Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss. Ask yourselves how   this gracious reception of our petition comports with those warlike   preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. Are fleets and   armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Have we shown   ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled that force must be called in to win   back our love? Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of   war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask   gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force   us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has   Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this   accumulation of navies and armies? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for   us: they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon   us those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging. And   what have we to oppose to them? Shall we try argument? Sir, we have been   trying that for the last ten years. Have we anything new to offer upon the   subject? Nothing. We have held the subject up in every light of which it is   capable; but it has been all in vain. Shall we resort to entreaty and humble   supplication? What terms shall we find which have not been already exhausted?   Let us not, I beseech you, sir, deceive ourselves. Sir, we have done   everything that could be done to avert the storm which is now coming on. We   have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have   prostrated ourselves before the throne, and have implored its interposition   to arrest the tyrannical hands of the ministry and Parliament. Our petitions   have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and   insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned,   with contempt, from the foot of the throne! In vain, after these things, may   we indulge the fond hope of peace and reconciliation. There is no longer any   room for hope. If we wish to be free– if we mean to preserve inviolate those   inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending–if we mean   not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long   engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the   glorious object of our contest shall be obtained–we must fight! I repeat it,   sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is   left us!

They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to   cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it   be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed,   and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather   strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of   effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive   phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we   are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature   hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of   liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by   any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not   fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies   of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The   battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active,   the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to   desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat   but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be   heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable–and let it come! I   repeat it, sir, let it come.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter.   Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually   begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the   clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we   here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so   dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and   slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but   as for me, give me liberty or give me death!


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We need the USA OUT of the UN and The UN OUT of the USA.

Cold Sun by John Casey

To the Patriots of America,

UN’s Rio Earth Summit in 1992

From the  UN’s Rio Earth Summit in 1992  Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the Summit quote: “… Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class –involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air-conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

We need the USA OUT of the UN and The UN OUT of the USA.

Global Warming has ended and CO2 has nothing to do with the climate change. Human activities have nothing to do with the climate change or the destruction of the earth, the rise in the oceans, the melting of the polar ice. The polar bears aren’t endangered and neither are many fish, animals or plants as spewed by the media and the EPA. The Endangered Species Act is being used to stop growth and natural movement of people to move and build at will, to live as nature’s God provided them. The endangered species is man. Climate change has been used as an excuse to “control” and “transform” our American way of life.

Sustainable Development UN Agenda 21 is a Global Governance Plan to take the sovereignty of this country and private property away from its citizens.

Our presidential leadership has been creating policy through Executive Orders, using the United Nations Conventions and using NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and Non Profit Organizations to take down our free enterprise system. Our ability to create jobs has been jeopardized by picking winners and losers. Only environmental companies that have been certified “green” such as; LEED, STAR, Green Build Coalition, US Fish and Wildlife, US Forest, International Code Certification will to do business, handing “green” corporations “grant money” in partnership with our tax dollars on the local level and state level for Private Public Partnership (PPP) projects like Art Museums, Light Rail, Red Light Cameras, Smart Growth ”Quality Communities and Complete Streets” and Smart Electric Meters, Solar Projects, Tree planting, Sewer and Stormwater Plants and “ Childrens Education Standards” to make sure they are being indoctrinated into the UN socialist plan of Global citizenry using International Baccalaueate ( and Race to The Top (RTTT, UNESCO supported) programs in our schools. As the private sector business dies, the government and corporations become monopolies over every aspect of our lives. We will have no one to hold accountable and no new business to turn to for alternative choices in our lives.

The free market and enterprise system of controlling pricing and new ideas will be gone forever. The USA is in deep danger. Why aren’t we being told? It’s not a secret, it’s happening right out in the open. Check out your County website. Global to Local, it’s right there!

Our counties have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars for studies of our racial and economic makeup for an equitable community building plan also known as Smart Growth Quality Communities (communitarianism). More tax money than ever is going into social programs and helping fund nonprofit organizations (this is what charities are for not taxpayer funds). Local government is growing in leaps such as; Regional Committees, Stakeholders meetings, planning boards, Task forces, Regional boards, Commissions and liaisons to the State Legislature (lobbyists). Our Commissioners and Mayors, City Councils are being trained by the United Nations on how to create social justice communities.

States and the US Government are using Federal Departments such as Departments of Interior, Transportation, Environmental Protection and Dept. of Energy and agencies EPA and Fish and Wildlife through regulation to take private property under the guise of conservation and preservation.

They have been forcing buffer zones, demanding property owners move from their property, restricting fishing, farming and changing local land use plans using international organizations like ICLEI and Green Print to guide the takeover of our cities and counties across our state (Florida Forever) and country. The Agencies and US government have used local agencies like Alternative Analysis(AA), Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and public meetings (visioning) to deceive the American people in order to fulfill rail systems across the country using visioning techniques . This is done using regionalism. Our country and each state is divided and controlled through the regional method. This regional plan has a board of Governors, regional governors who answer to the UN Plan of Global Governance (NWO).

Please pass this info to all your Congress and Senatorial Representatives, Federal and State. Send it to everyone you know. The media has lied, scientists have been held back from giving us the truth for political reasons and our children’s’ futures are not the American Dream we want for them. UN Global Governance of Social Justice will replace the US Constitution with the “The Earth Charter”.

We know the truth and the truth shall “set us free”. It is as simple as that. Pass the documents to everyone you know!

Deb , Agenders Organizer, Coalition to end UN Agenda 21

Florida, Pinellas County

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Joe Paige stood his ground for 10 minutes this week in front of Clearwater City Council explaining Green Print would be the adoption of UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development to take place in Clearwater if they passed the Green Print Framework to lower greenhouse gas emissions, even mentioning that Canada dropped off the Kyoto Protocol Treaty last week. Basically, he told them it is a progressive, communist plan from the UN and he gave them facts. Scientific facts.

What is amazing is the Mayor, Hibbard is a member of ICMA (sending our tax dollars to USAID), League of Cities ( where administrators who follow the green agenda  for sustainable development join to hire only others that are sworn to uphold Sustainable Development, they  use this directory for all the consulting groups as well. That is why all the Land use plans coming forward are prescript by ICLEI ) , ICLEI member (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). All are United Nations NGO’s. (nongovernmental organizations that work to promote the UN Earth Charter for a New World Order you heard about from President GHW Bush in 1992 ) .

These are Progressive Republicans that agreed to this passage for Green Print Framework as they said “It’s voluntary for now, however we may make it mandatory in the future.” Clearwater has KINGS!!!! They snarled at Joe in an accusing manner and said, “Your information is a conspiracy theory and you got it from the internet!”

Imagine, he got it off the internet!!! My God!!!

They are giving us choices they said! How generous of them. CHOICES? A or B is not freedom! How will we stop this?  Vote them out is the only way , they have corporate money of the green agenda  and they are promised money to fuel their elections so it will take determination on the part of Clearwater citizens.

Anyone reading this should be aware that Clearwater is a communist city run by an elite that is feeding us to the alligators. Don’t move there, don’t go there. It’s a neat little city where even the business signs MUST all be the same size and color. NO INDIVIDUALISM ALLOWED. It’s streets are empty aside from Scientologist in their dark blues walking with clip boards. It’s a dying city that deserves nothing better than to continue looking like a GHOST Town because no freedom loving  American could catch a breath of fresh air there.

Clearwater, Florida is a horrible, insidious City of DOOM and Gloom where green glow of light bulbs will drain your energy and kill your mind.

City of Clearwater GreenPrint: – Detailed Report – Summary/presentation
Create Clearwater:



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