We need the USA OUT of the UN and The UN OUT of the USA.

Cold Sun by John Casey

To the Patriots of America,

UN’s Rio Earth Summit in 1992

From the  UN’s Rio Earth Summit in 1992  Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the Summit quote: “… Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class –involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air-conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

We need the USA OUT of the UN and The UN OUT of the USA.

Global Warming has ended and CO2 has nothing to do with the climate change. http://www.coldsun.net Human activities have nothing to do with the climate change or the destruction of the earth, the rise in the oceans, the melting of the polar ice. The polar bears aren’t endangered and neither are many fish, animals or plants as spewed by the media and the EPA. The Endangered Species Act is being used to stop growth and natural movement of people to move and build at will, to live as nature’s God provided them. The endangered species is man. Climate change has been used as an excuse to “control” and “transform” our American way of life.


Sustainable Development UN Agenda 21 is a Global Governance Plan to take the sovereignty of this country and private property away from its citizens.

www.freedom21.org www.sovereignty.net www.freedomadvocates.org

Our presidential leadership has been creating policy through Executive Orders, using the United Nations Conventions www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/executive-orders and using NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and Non Profit Organizations to take down our free enterprise system. Our ability to create jobs has been jeopardized by picking winners and losers. Only environmental companies that have been certified “green” such as; LEED, STAR, Green Build Coalition, US Fish and Wildlife, US Forest, International Code Certification will to do business, handing “green” corporations “grant money” in partnership with our tax dollars on the local level and state level for Private Public Partnership (PPP) projects like Art Museums, Light Rail, Red Light Cameras, Smart Growth ”Quality Communities and Complete Streets” and Smart Electric Meters, Solar Projects, Tree planting, Sewer and Stormwater Plants and “ Childrens Education Standards” to make sure they are being indoctrinated into the UN socialist plan of Global citizenry using International Baccalaueate (IBO.org)(agenda21today.com) and Race to The Top (RTTT, UNESCO supported) programs in our schools. As the private sector business dies, the government and corporations become monopolies over every aspect of our lives. We will have no one to hold accountable and no new business to turn to for alternative choices in our lives.

The free market and enterprise system of controlling pricing and new ideas will be gone forever. The USA is in deep danger. Why aren’t we being told? It’s not a secret, it’s happening right out in the open. Check out your County website. Global to Local, it’s right there! http://www.pinellascounty.org/Plan/pdf_files/GreenPolicies.pdf


Our counties have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars for studies of our racial and economic makeup for an equitable community building plan also known as Smart Growth Quality Communities (communitarianism). More tax money than ever is going into social programs and helping fund nonprofit organizations (this is what charities are for not taxpayer funds). Local government is growing in leaps such as; Regional Committees, Stakeholders meetings, planning boards, Task forces, Regional boards, Commissions and liaisons to the State Legislature (lobbyists). Our Commissioners and Mayors, City Councils are being trained by the United Nations on how to create social justice communities.

States and the US Government are using Federal Departments such as Departments of Interior, Transportation, Environmental Protection and Dept. of Energy and agencies EPA and Fish and Wildlife through regulation to take private property under the guise of conservation and preservation. http://www.fundersnetwork.org/learn/community-development

They have been forcing buffer zones, demanding property owners move from their property, restricting fishing, farming and changing local land use plans using international organizations like ICLEI and Green Print to guide the takeover of our cities and counties across our state (Florida Forever) and country. The Agencies and US government have used local agencies like Alternative Analysis(AA), Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and public meetings (visioning) to deceive the American people in order to fulfill rail systems across the country using visioning techniques . This is done using regionalism. Our country and each state is divided and controlled through the regional method. This regional plan has a board of Governors, regional governors who answer to the UN Plan of Global Governance (NWO). www.augustforecast.com/2011/06/15/technocracys-endgame-global-smart-grid/

Please pass this info to all your Congress and Senatorial Representatives, Federal and State. Send it to everyone you know. The media has lied, scientists have been held back from giving us the truth for political reasons and our children’s’ futures are not the American Dream we want for them. UN Global Governance of Social Justice will replace the US Constitution with the “The Earth Charter”. www.habitat.igc.org/treaties/index.htm

We know the truth and the truth shall “set us free”. It is as simple as that. Pass the documents to everyone you know!

Deb , Agenders Organizer, Coalition to end UN Agenda 21  www.agenda21today.com

Florida, Pinellas County


  1. We need the USA OUT of the UN and The UN OUT of the USA. | EndA21Now

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