For the Truth About Ron Paul, Skip the Article and Read the Comments

Article by Jaret Glenn, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Feb 3, 2012 “Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Start Here.”

This election cycle, the American media seems determined to set the narrative, regardless of the inconvenience of facts. At the top of their list of priorities has been to destroy Ron Paul, no matter the cost. They have ignored him, ridiculed him, deliberately misrepresented his positions before attacking him on those false premises, conveniently neglected to report on almost all of his straw poll victories, and incessantly repeated the “he can’t win” mantra. Indeed, Ron Paul’s name is seldom mentioned anywhere without that caveat attached to it. For proof of this, one need only Google “Ron Paul” and read a few current articles. Paul’s treatment by the media has been so blatantly biased that even The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart ran a segment highlighting it. Ironically, that segment, which contained clips of several reporters suggesting that Paul and his views are unpopular, was the most-viewed of all Daily Show segments in 2011… by far…..

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