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YES Greenlight Pinellas Women POLITICIANS are promoting LIES!

$130 million dollar collection in tax hike (14%), a 1% surtax which will be on the Nov ballot will NOT cover opera

tions and maintainance as claimed by the News article by the Buzz in theTampa Bay Times.

The article says:
“If approved Nov. 4, the Greenlight plan would increase the county’s sales tax by one penny to 8 cents on the dollar to expand bus service and build a 24-mile light rail system connecting St. Petersburg and Clearwater. The entire project is projected to cost $2.2 billion to build and $130 million annually to operate.
[Last modified: Friday, August 29, 2014 9:47am]”

This is an outright lie!
The $130 million is collateral on the 30 yr bond debt Pinellas will be responsible to pay back! The Bond will then be renewed after the first 30 year debt comes to a near end. The $130 million is to build the boondoggle alone, it DOES NOT INCLUDE operations and maintanance .

Operations and maintenance will cost Pinellas taxpayers in more fees , gas tax hikes and there is already a bill that JACK Latvala wrote to take money from the Penny for Pinellas . So what will happen when the operations and maintenance cut into the Penny? Somehow these politicians and their crony corporate welfare friends will drain the money from the other pots, like the Tourist Development Fund?

VOTE NO on Greenlight!!!    Link to this article:


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