About enda21now


Welcome and prepare to get a glass of wine before this site gets you aggravated. I only usually sit to write to “let it all out”. So prepare for ranting rage . 🙂

This site is about the TRUTH as it is obvious to me through my research and others , living in a time where facts are stubborn things that can still be found on the internet, Oh my!

This site is mainly about United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. I include information on ICLEI and the Land Planning goings on in Pinellas County Florida as part of UNA 21 being it is the Local implementation of UN Agenda 21 through the Wildlands Act and Smart Growth. Basically, the limitation of human freedom and the urbanization of a huge country where only 3-6% of the land mass is inhabited but under sustainable development we are too many, we have too much wealth and the redistribution of wealth is destroying the country that was once called “the miracle of the world.” NWO has established a foothold to make us slaves under the UN banner and follow the UN Charter and replace our Bill of Rights with “The Earth Charter.” (when I have time I will put in the links for the pertinent info about the UN)

Issues about Pinellas County . Anything of interest that involves policies and politics.

Issues about other States dealing with UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

Issues on  Florida State Legislation that affect our Liberty. Environmental conservation and preservation,transportation, affordable communities water  as well as Regional issues .

Issues on US Congressional Legislation that affect our Liberty.

Variety of activism that requires attention on my part and yours. Writing to Congress, sign waving , speaking at the County Commission.

Candidate discussion- Judicial review discussion.

Your ideas , links ,sites of interest.

Foreign Affairs-  What in the world is going on?

I am an individual and all info on this site is my opinion or opinion I agree with. Nothing here should be miscontrued in anyway connecting me with any group or organization.

If there is any info here that requires the owner’s permission please contact me to have the info removed. I  use permissions where ever possible.

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