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Joe Paige stood his ground for 10 minutes this week in front of Clearwater City Council explaining Green Print would be the adoption of UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development to take place in Clearwater if they passed the Green Print Framework to lower greenhouse gas emissions, even mentioning that Canada dropped off the Kyoto Protocol Treaty last week. Basically, he told them it is a progressive, communist plan from the UN and he gave them facts. Scientific facts.

What is amazing is the Mayor, Hibbard is a member of ICMA (sending our tax dollars to USAID), League of Cities ( where administrators who follow the green agenda  for sustainable development join to hire only others that are sworn to uphold Sustainable Development, they  use this directory for all the consulting groups as well. That is why all the Land use plans coming forward are prescript by ICLEI ) , ICLEI member (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). All are United Nations NGO’s. (nongovernmental organizations that work to promote the UN Earth Charter for a New World Order you heard about from President GHW Bush in 1992 ) .

These are Progressive Republicans that agreed to this passage for Green Print Framework as they said “It’s voluntary for now, however we may make it mandatory in the future.” Clearwater has KINGS!!!! They snarled at Joe in an accusing manner and said, “Your information is a conspiracy theory and you got it from the internet!”

Imagine, he got it off the internet!!! My God!!!

They are giving us choices they said! How generous of them. CHOICES? A or B is not freedom! How will we stop this?  Vote them out is the only way , they have corporate money of the green agenda  and they are promised money to fuel their elections so it will take determination on the part of Clearwater citizens.

Anyone reading this should be aware that Clearwater is a communist city run by an elite that is feeding us to the alligators. Don’t move there, don’t go there. It’s a neat little city where even the business signs MUST all be the same size and color. NO INDIVIDUALISM ALLOWED. It’s streets are empty aside from Scientologist in their dark blues walking with clip boards. It’s a dying city that deserves nothing better than to continue looking like a GHOST Town because no freedom loving  American could catch a breath of fresh air there.

Clearwater, Florida is a horrible, insidious City of DOOM and Gloom where green glow of light bulbs will drain your energy and kill your mind.

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