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Pinellas County vote to stop Fluoridation

 Pinellas County vote to stop Fluoridation
David DeCamp’s article about the fluoride workshop the County Commission meeting on Oct 4 was an attack on the Tea Party and name calling! Shame on him. His information was one side of the issue, that of the ADA and “pro fluoride” health professionals. Their info said nothing of the damage to babies or other parts of the body and cumulative damage to the skeleton.
Also present, was a dentist who said fluoride was a neurotoxin and a doctor who said “Do no harm.”
Both were against the fluoride which De Camp did not make mention of in his article. I think it’s pretty pathetic to take such a serious issue and turn it into a political power play as De Camp has done.
Whatever a person may decide about fluoride, it is not the government’s job to put it in our water, especially without the consent of the people.
Mr. Tony Caso never represented himself as a “Tea Party activist”. De Camp said that to inflame and deflect the conversation from health to politics. Whatever the politics, all of us want safe, clean drinking water and nothing more.
In condescension, De Camp mentions, advocacy by dental and medical experts who know what is good for the people. Perhaps they know on a one to one basis, an individual basis, however, what is good for one is not good for all. One size fits all government is not what America is about. It is about the “individual’s right”.

I am grateful to the County Commissioners that voted against the fluoride. They all asked well thought out and amazing questions to which the ADA had few answers and no updated data.
It is too bad that Mr. Welch’s constituents still have fluoride in their water when they never had a referendum on the issue, nor should they have because it is a personal decision not the commissioners . Is that what the people want, advocacy and special interest to make their decisions for them instead of public debate? It seems De Camp would like that, along with Commissioners Welch, Latvala and Seel.

So what does this have to do with Agenda 21?  Well it’s hard to say but I look at it this way. The EPA classifies Fluoride as a “NEURO-TOXIN” .  They , the EPA, don’t care how phosphate plants like Mosaic  ( who donated $2.8 million dollars for Tampa Aquarium) get rid of the chemical as long as it is not dumped into the water or landfill. So that leaves “human” consumption and also helps to depopulate so it is well within the topic of Agenda 21. Now, I ask where is our money that was applied to a budget item for fluoride?

It is up to citizens to rise up against these elected officials. Fluoride is toxic and the ADA gets plenty of money to defend the use of it . If the ADA was so worried about your health issues they would be advocating for the removal of mercury in the mouth but  that’s not going to happen either because the EPA would not let mercury be disposed of either!

Save the earth, social justice for “communities of the earth” that’s the Earth Charter and what the United Nations is all about! UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development

OUR Rights are constantly being challenged.

FLUORIDE It's not the governent's job to medicate us!



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